Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A new challenge

Creating in another medium.

I have been distracted for the last 3 months with a project that utilized some creativity along with endurance and muscle. It was spent remodeling a rental property that my husband and I own, which had been neglected for the past 12+years. Luckily our last tenant stayed for that duration, but on the other hand the deferred maintenance took a huge toll on the poor dwelling. It required a total gut job from the floor up.

Since this is “income property”, there was no time to dally around and put it off… like we have done with so many other things in our life (tenting for termites, constructing a trust… and deferred upgrades in our own home). It put me on a timeline to go from start to finish. Something we can’t always do with painting.

So… this quick little post is to let you know, I’ll be back into posting again… but more importantly to say that sometimes there are situations out of our control that keep us from getting to the finish line when we expect to. I know for me, this can happen with painting.

Don’t let the pressure of deadlines dictate a finished painting. Be your best judge to let things go out when you “know” they are ready.
Let the canvas sit in the studio longer, look at it in different rooms, under different light. Then set it into the frame and look at it more. The time you spend “vetting” your work, will ensure that you have given it the time needed to bring it to the finish line.

In closing… remember to make time to take care of yourself and the things in your life that matter.

With much gratitude,


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