Saturday, November 20, 2010


During this time of year I took a look back and reflected on things past that have made positive impacts on my life and led me to the path I am on – making art.

As an artist, I realize how wonderful it is to wake each day, knowing that today will be unique from any day before it and that I will loose myself at some point into the “zone” of creating.

For the freedom to create is a glorious gift. I am very grateful to my Mother, who engaged me in art, as a child. It is because of that exposure, that I am an artist today.

If you are a Parent, Grandparent, Uncle or Aunt, and have the opportunity to introduce art to a young person, please do not hesitate. Sometimes the most insignificant exhibit, play, musical performance or book can make a significant impact on their attitude to art as they grow to be adults.

This year, I received many emails with request for more classes or more blog postings; it was amazing actually, that so many people even look at my website or blog. So, with that discovery, I am resolving to make regular posts on my blog this year. Anything from new discoveries, pigments, exhibits, workshop exercises, mixing color… just about anything current that I think will be of benefit. On this posting, I have just listed 3 new workshops for 2011. Look to the right for the Workshop link.

Thank you for being part of my artistic world and I encourage you to keep striving to squeeze more art into each day.

Thank you again for visiting my Blog.



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