Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer- is Here!

Garage 10

Summer is here! And the Festival of Arts is about to open. http://foapom.com

I wanted to post a few images of some of the new paintings I have recently completed. They will be on exhibit- either at the Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach or at one of my local galleries. See http://www.robinhall.com/bio_08.html

Since my last post, I had been busy the past 3 months getting a studio ready for classes & workshops, but in the end…dealing with a landlord that refused to put anything in writing and his failing memory , posed a hurdle that finally gave way to me packing up and leaving my newly refurbished and painted space.

With that behind me, I threw myself into- what else- painting. I am very happy with this collection of work and hope you like it too.

In a few months, I’ll be back in the hunt for another space, but for now the paint is flowing and I want to keep in the stream.

Check out the new California Light: A Century of Landscapes: Paintings of the California Art Club, written by Jean Stern and Molly Siple, published by Rizzoli Int. A beautiful richly illustrated coffee table gem!
I have a full-page image in this beautiful book! Whoo-hoo!

And: In the latest issue of Fine Art Connoisseur, August 2011, I am featured in an article “Artists Making Their Mark”. Thank you Peter Trippi, Editor, for recognizing my work and including it with two other such talented artists, Sarah Lamb and Alan Graham Dick.
If you’ve never read a Fine Art Connoisseur… do! It is one of the finest art publications available.

Lots of new work continues to spin off the easel. Hope you have a chance to peruse the summer –Festival of Arts- and new work at my galleries.

Thank you for visiting my blog. -Robin

Cove Garages

Trolley Station

Montage Beach

Randolph's Kitchen


Daybreak in the Pasture

Mission Gate

El Matador Coastline


Saltwater Nocturn