Sunday, March 23, 2014

Painting Classes 2017

Dynamic use of Color:

Description:   How do we make our paintings more interesting?  Knowing what particular color to choose can make our painting more appealing and are key to what we refer to as “harmony” in a painting.   Any given color has the components of “hue” “value” and “chroma”.   All three components must be considered for producing a successful painting.  The combination of certain colors can also enhance and create a more pleasing and interesting painting.  We will be working on exercises to emphasize an improved use of color.  3-week class. Cost $180. Class limit 8

Thursday.   August 31- Sept 14.      full
Friday.       September 1 -Sept 15.    3 spots open

Please email me if you are interested in taking this program

Independent Study

 This class meets one morning a week for a 6-week session.  Exercises are given each week to stretch and push the experienced artist to a higher level of painting.  This class will emphasize composition, as well the style of painting specific to each artist’s pursuit. There is a critique each week from the weeks exercise.
This class is limited to 6. 

Class resumes June 2017.  Day and time:  June 1-July 6  Thursday 9-10am cost $170.

If interested in attending this class, please email me to set up a meet time so I can review your current work.    Email me at