Sunday, May 27, 2012

Art Talk • Demo at Roger's Gardens

Robin Hall   •   oil   10x16

Clark Mitchell   •   pastel  8x18

Thank you all who came to listen and watch Clark Mitchell and myself do a demo and art talk at Roger's Gardens, in Corona del Mar, yesterday.  A little more of a talk than a demo, but I loved the 2 artist presentation of us each using a different medium (Mitchell in soft pastel and I painted in oil) yet, working from the same image.   These are our 1-hour paintings.  It's always so interesting how artists interpret the same scene.

I am very appreciative to those that trekked a long distance to watch us, especially the couple that drove a total of 268 miles.  That's dedication!

It is my hope everyone went away with some added knowledge and a little inspiration to pull the brushes out and go for it.   In addition I want to thank Theresa Marino and Roger's Gardens for hosting the event and Rolf's Wine for serving such a delicious selection of wine.

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