Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MUSEUM CRUISING- The Irvine Museum of Art

One of my first painting workshops, the artist-instructor gave a bit of his philosophy, which was “Only look at GOOD art”. At the time, it struck me as an off comment, but as I have grown in my quest to be a better painter, I have come to recognize that what he said was profoundly powerful. When you focus on looking at good art, you begin to identify and absorb those elements that make a painting (or art piece) strong. There is a filing system where our brain sorts and archives the great art details, be it composition, color combination or application. Focusing on looking at GOOD art introduces and reintroduces us to ideas and techniques that make for pushing us to "know" more... and let's not forget all the visual pleasure we get from it.

Last Tuesday, I visited the Irvine Museum to see “ALL THINGS BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL”. For those of you that live within an hour of travel to the Irvine Museum, I encourage you to see this delicious collection of paintings. It is certainly a strong representation of the early century California Impressionist and GOOD ART!

Below are a few of the paintings in the collection of paintings now on exhibit at the Irvine Museum.

All Things Bright & Beautiful

Exhibition open November 10th and continues through June 11, 2011

18881 Von Karman Avenue Ste. 100 (Ground Level)
Irvine, California 92612 www.irvinemuseum.org
Information and Directions: (949) 476-2565
Offices: (949) 476-0294

Open: Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Free Admission and Free Parking

One of my favorite Northern California artists, Armin Hasen, is represented in this exhibit with an unusually tender painting. This particular painting of Hansen’s is different from his typical Monterey paintings, which usually have bold color, illustrative qualities and articulate compositions. The painting “The Farmhouse” 1915 has a softer edge to it with an impressionistic style.

Here is a striking painting by Arthur G Rider, The Spanish Boat

Another of my favorite artist, for his use of bold color and strong brushwork is George Brandriff, and the collection includes his painting of Newport Beach "Cannery Row"

Hanson Puthuff, "Mytical Hills" has beautiful subtle value changes and soft chroma. You can feel the light cascading over the peaks and feel the distance of those hilltops.

Marion Kavanagh Wactel Landscape with Oak Trees"

This beautiful tonal watercolor is powerful!

This dark and jewel toned beauty has a bold and descriptive brush work. Joseph Kleitch "The Oriental Shop"

So many beautiful and GREAT paintings in this exhibit! Be sure to put it on your list of things to see before it is gone. You will be rewarded with an abundance of visual pleasure.


Main Loop said...

Hi Robin, I love the Irvine Museum. I feel it's a must-see for any plein air painters in California.

I put up some high-res shots on my facebook:


Ken DeWaard said...

Thanks for sharing Robin!
Saw your piece that the Strotkamps purchased on FB and decided to dig a little deeper on you.
Pleasant surprise to come across the Irvine Collection Show. I agree that it is a must see and I drop by every time I am in the Laguna area. Wonderful place!