Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Year!

Yesterday I took my 30-minute morning walk to the beach. On this day it was actually more like an hour (due to picture taking).

One of the best ways to keep your creative energy streaming- is to start your day with a brisk walk. A walk will stimulate blood flow to the brain, which boosts creativity, helps you problem solve, strengthens your stamina to maintain the energy needed to paint for continuous hours.

I decided to take a camera with me to document the last morning of 2010.

Most mornings, my walk consists of nothing more than elevating my heart-rate, but on occasion I can spend an hour unplanned, because I run into a neighbor, friend… or because a lost dog needs to find his way back home.

Below I share a few images I took documenting the last day in Capistrano Beach, CA on Friday, December 31, 2010.

This is the view from Palisades Drive on the way to the beach. This is unquestionably a beautiful day.

And.. the rain we experienced a week ago caused a few slides on the hillside road, heading to the beach. There were many of these slips on the hill... this is one.

AND... what could be more fun than swishing down a slide built from a berm in the sand or building sandcastles on a beautiful sunny winter day. These two little ones enthusiastically shared their wonderful hand built slide- and giggled as they anticipated more fun playing in the sand.

Lastly... more rain ahead. Here are the rain makers. Planes lining the sky with "cloud seeding" (chemical Silver Iodide). Notice the X. This year I noted them at work almost every day.

Wishing you a healthy, fruitful and happy 2011. Hoping the year ahead brings you much inspiration as well as positive finishes.

Now... go out for a walk.

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Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Hey, Robin, I got your email and checked in on your blog! Glad to see you're getting a strong start to 2011. I will eventually get to one of your workshops! I was wondering if you'd think about putting a 'subscription box' on your blog, so we will automatically get your post in our Inbox. I must confess that sometimes I'm so busy I don't get to all the blogs I want, but I always open the posts I've subscribed to!
Happy 2011!